Classes — workshops, seminars, master classes, webinars, teleclasses — are very effective for medium and smaller sized groups, where some degree of individual interaction is possible, but can also be used with larger groups. Programs offering a series of classes addressing relevant health and wellness topics is an excellent way to cover a larger scope of awareness to participants to more adequately cover their interests and needs.

KarshGroup periodically offers a series of classes on a variety of topics (see examples below), as well as cooking demonstration classes. Announcements of these classes are featured in our newsletter and on our website under Events.

We can also develop a series of classes designed to meet the needs and interests of your organization or business.

For more information, and to schedule a presentation, contact us today!

Example presentation and class topics include:

  • Intro to Health and Wellness
  • Eating & Living for Energy
  • Sugar Blues
  • Organic Advantages
  • Weigh Less, Live More
  • Healthy Aging
  • Cleaning & Toxins
  • Food & Politics
  • Growing Your Own
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Essential Oils for Health

Contact us today for more information on topics to meet your needs and interests.